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TRIBUTE SHOW Australian shows
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  Frequently Asked Questions, and some stupid answers.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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1:   Why dose'nt my email or website show?  ?
Answer: want to be able to control the enquiry till its at the booking stage.
2:   Do I need a booking agent?  ?
Answer:   No. You may choose to leave them out, OR you may not have one or need one. Its up to you and the agreement you have with them. Please be aware thatif you have an agreement, you should discuss with them about thiss website as they may have a right to take a fee. My advice is to write into a new agreement that if you source your own bookings their fee is a reduced rate. Booking agents usually play a critical role in your sucess, or at least the good ones keep regular income coming in. Maybe get them involved in the site.
3:   How does make its money?  ?
Answer:   Usually working my day job... OK good serious question. Artists are invited to accept a lead (if you are available on that date) If you dont want the lead, its free. The cost to accept this lead is a low minimal fee. The booker is presented with an offer to accept the details for a small minimal fee. Advertising on the site And premium listings. That will keep the site going and hopefully provide a win / win service for all parties at a fair price.
4:   Is it only music shows we handle?  ?
Answer:   No, Any tribute shows we want to handle including. Well yes it is actually I cant think of any others... can you? Comedians.. Theres one Poets.. gee that would be boring Painters.. Im making it up now..
5:   What do I get for a premium listing?  ?
Answer:   Buyers get access direct to your website to contact directly. Featured listing, higher priority Larger graphics in result pages. More negotiang power to secure business Industry help to secure Big Gigs
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