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TRIBUTE SHOW Australian shows
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  Frequently Asked Questions, and some stupid answers.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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1:   What does Tribute Show do?  ?
Answer:   We are like a dating agency for companies wanting class acts for a conferences or parties where you need a certain act.
2:   Do I have to pay for the artists travel?  ?
Answer:   In some instances yes. Look closely at their listing as some acts (and their band) require travels costs to be met. This may include Flights - Car Hire and accomodation. As a tip, it maybe better to find a local act, use the search facility to do this. Bear in mind, some of the shows we have listed are premium, so they maybe well worth the extra cost to get the Gee Whiz factor.
3:   Why do I need a tribute show?  ?
Answer:   On your function night you must remember that some folks are there because they have to be there. So that they remember your company, product, service you will need to leave them with fond memories. A tribute show can deliver that special something.
4:   Im an Artist, why should I sign up?  ?
Answer: is aiming to be the one stop shop when buyers need to find you. We dont take into consideration your agent fees, we just match buyers with sellers. We believe the information you put here will have enough information for buyers to book you.
5:   Can I submit more than one show?  ?
Answer:   Yes, we WANT to encourage you to take risks on new tribute shows, eventually there maybe a tribute show of YOU. We aim to have a wide variety of tributes.
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